SPAR, originally DESPAR, styled as DE SPAR, is a Dutch multinational franchise that provides branding, supplies and support services for independently owned and operated food retail stores. It was founded in the Netherlands in 1932, by Adriaan van Well, and as of 2021 consists of 13,623 stores in 48 countries.


What does SPAR stand for?

SPAR is part of the acronym of the Dutch sentence, ‘Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmatig‘. It translates into: ​ ‘We all benefit from joint cooperation’. ​

Who owns SPAR in South Africa?

SPAR was born from an idea by Adriaan van Well, that independent wholesalers and retailers could work and prosper together through a voluntary trading model.

How old is SPAR in South Africa?

SPAR South Africa was established in 1963. It operates four retail formats: SPAR neighbourhood, SPAR Express (operated in conjunction with Shell as a petrol forecourt store), KWIKSPAR (which focuses on convenience in city centres and high footfall locations), and SUPERSPAR Supermarkets (similar to EUROSPAR in offer).

Is SPAR a South African franchise?

The Spar Group Limited is a wholesaler and distributor of groceries, which owns six distribution centres in South Africa. The independent retailers that trade under the Spar brands are a voluntary trading group (and are not franchisees).