King Pie

King Pie

Who owns King Pie in South Africa?

The ultimate King Pie kingdom around the country was developed, franchising the brand into 45 territories with pie making factories. The King Pie Group is sold to the existing JSE listed company, Reserve Holdings. The King Pie Group is sold to The Bidvest Group Limited.

How much does King Pie make per month?

A King Pie outlet makes a revenue of about R1. 7 million a year. The owner takes home about R20k per month. It costs less than R250k to open up a King pie mobile outlet.

How many King Pie stores are there in South Africa?

With over 300 franchises in South Africa and the Southern African region, we have a few reasons to entice you to become a King Pie franchisee.

Who started King Pie in South Africa?

HISTORY The King Pie open plan kitchen pie-making concept was born in 1993 when passionate entrepreneurs Hennie Andrews and Kobus Niewoudt launched their unusual concept.

King Pie