The Eastman Kodak Company is an American public company that produces various products related to its historic basis in analogue photography. The company is headquartered in Rochester, New York, and is incorporated in New Jersey.


Does Kodak still exist?

Since emerging from bankruptcy, Kodak has continued to provide commercial digital printing products and services, motion picture film, and still film, the last of which is distributed through the spinoff company Kodak Alaris.

Why did Kodak shut down?

John Kotter in Barriers to Change: The Real Reason Behind the Kodak Downfall: The organization overflowed with complacency. I saw it, maybe in the late 1980s. Kodak was failing to keep up even before the digital revolution when Fuji started doing a better job with the old technology, the roll-film business.

What is Kodak stand for?

The word was made up by George Eastman, and is completely meaningless. He intended it to be an onomatopoeic suggestion of the click of a camera shutter.

What is Kodak known for?

Milestones. The Kodak name is recognized around the world for its long heritage of delivering imaging innovations. The company is now writing its next chapter as a technology company focused on imaging.